Swayable is a public benefit corporation. Its mission is to accelerate the pace of social progress by helping storytellers change minds. This means we work exclusively with organizations that further the public interest, including through commerce, public advocacy, and election campaigning. We are committed to a set of values and principles, not any specific political party. This means we are open to having opposing candidates on the platform, and in some countries we already have relationships with multiple parties. However, because of our obligation to the truth and public interest, we do not seek false balance by working with parties or candidates whose platforms are inconsistent with our values.


Swayable is a technology company and not a policy organization. We recognize that well-meaning people may hold varying views on what constitutes the public interest. We are not relativists, however: not all opinions merit equal consideration. Some require urgent opposition.

Our core values are:

  • Truth and science

  • Sustainability

  • Democratic rights

  • Social and economic justice

We welcome collaboration with organizations that share these values.